AWS S3 Commands

To use wizzy with AWS S3, there are couple of steps to follow. Please note that these external commands does not support Dashboard context as they interact with external systems.

  1. Have your aws config file under ~/.aws/config (standard aws config location).
  2. Set Bucket name and path (optional) using wizzy set s3 bucket_name and wizzy set s3 path commands. Please check General commands to see examples.

And then you can use the following commands to upload and download your dashboards to and from S3.

  • upload - Uploads dashboards to AWS S3. For uploading all dashboards:

    $ wizzy upload to-s3 dashboards

    For uploading only 1 dashboard:

    $ wizzy upload to-s3 dashboard DASHBOARD_SLUG

    For example:

    $ wizzy upload to-s3 dashboard cpu-stats
  • download - Downloads dashboards from AWS S3. For downloading all dashboards:

    $ wizzy download from-s3 dashboards

    For downloading only 1 dashboard:

    $ wizzy download from-s3 dashboard DASHBOARD_SLUG

    For example:

    $ wizzy download from-s3 dashboard cpu-stats