Help Commands

Help commands lets you explore wizzy’s info, health, configuration.

  • conf - Shows wizzy configuration

    $ wizzy conf
  • init - Only to be used while setting up wizzy for the first time or upgrading wizzy. It creates all the required directories needed for wizzy.

    $ wizzy init
  • status - Shows wizzy status.

    $ wizzy status
  • help - Shows wizzy help.

    $ wizzy help
  • version - Shows wizzy version.

    $ wizzy version

Configuration commands

wizzy properties can be set in wizzy by running following commands, if you have not set already:

Grafana properties:

$ wizzy set grafana url GRAFANA_URL
$ wizzy set grafana username USERNAME
$ wizzy set grafana password PASSWORD
$ wizzy set grafana headers HEADER_NAME HEADER_VALUE
$ wizzy set grafana authorization false
$ wizzy set grafana debug_api true
$ wizzy set grafana envs ENV_NAME url GRAFANA_URL'
$ wizzy unset grafana username'
$ wizzy unset grafana envs ENV_NAME url'

Note: There is an optional setting to debug Grafana API calls, false by default.

Dashboard context:

$ wizzy set context dashboard DASHBOARD_SLUG
$ wizzy set context grafana GRAFANA_INSTALLATION

Clip command properties:

$ wizzy set clip render_height 600
$ wizzy set clip render_width 600
$ wizzy set clip render_timeout 10
$ wizzy set clip canvas_width 800
$ wizzy set clip canvas_height 600
$ wizzy set clip delay 500

S3 properties:

$ wizzy set s3 bucket_name
$ wizzy set s3 path