Use cases

There can be a lot of use cases where wizzy can be used and some of them which I can think of right now are listed below. If you would like to do any of the following tasks in Grafana, then wizzy can help you accomplish them with its easy command line interface:

  1. Copy, move Grafana dashboards from one installation of Grafana to another. For example, from your dev installtion to prod.

  2. Store Grafana dashboards, rows, panels, datasources, orgs and even template variables, etc. in Git.

  3. Copy, move, remove, edit rows and panels either within a dashboard or between two dashboards.

  4. Upload/Store/Download Grafana dashboards from and to AWS S3 respectively.

  5. Search/Download community dashboards in a single command.

  6. Generate 8 second GIFs for any Grafana dashboard with last 24 hours of data for your presentations.

Feel free to add more use cases of wizzy.