Dashboard List Commands

Following commands are used to manage custom dashboard lists. These lists are persisted so that a user does not have to create these lists again and they can be re-used for various commands such as clip, etc.

  • create - Creates a dashboard list.

    $ wizzy create dash-list DASH_LIST_NAME
  • add - Adds a dashboard to an existing list.

    $ wizzy add to-dash-list DASH_LIST_NAME DASHBOARD_SLUG
  • remove - Removes a dashbaord from an existing list.

    $ wizzy remove from-dash-list DASH_LIST_NAME DASHBOARD_SLUG
  • show - Shows a dashboard list’s details.

    $ wizzy show dash-list DASH_LIST_NAME
  • clear - Clears a dashboard list(remove all dashboards from it).

    $ wizzy clear dash-list DASH_LIST_NAME
  • delete - Deletes a dashboard list.

    $ wizzy delete dash-list DASH_LIST_NAME