Template Variable Commands

Following commands are used to operate on template variables in json files stored locally under dashboards/temp-vars directory. These commands need Dashboard Context. Please set Dashboard Context before using them.

  • copy - Copies a template variable from context dashboard to another.

    $ wizzy copy temp-var SOURCE DESTINATION

    SOURCE represents template variable number in the context dashboard. Should be a TEMP-VAR_NUMBER. DESTINATION represents DASHBOARD_SLUG.TEMP-VAR_NUMBER. For example, If you want to copy 2nd template variable from context dashboard to cpu-stats dashboard at 1st position, use:

    $ wizzy copy temp-var 2 cpu-stats.1
  • move - Moves a template variable from context dashboard to another.

    $ wizzy move temp-var SOURCE DESTINATION

    For example:

    $ wizzy move temp-var 2 cpu-stats.1
  • remove - Removes a template variable from the context dashboard

    $ wizzy remove temp-var TEMP-VAR_NUMBER

    For example:

    $ wizzy remove temp-var 2
  • extract - Copies template variable json object and saves it as a separate file under temp-vars directory. This command is useful if you want to re-use this template variable in many dashboards. Later you can use insert command to insert this template variable into any dashboard. Needs dashboard context to be set.

    $ wizzy extract temp-var TEMP-VAR_NUMBER TEMP-VAR_NAME

    For example:

    $ wizzy extract temp-var 2 var-application
  • insert - Inserts an extracted template variable from temp-vars directory into a dashboard.

    $ wizzy insert temp-var var-application <DASHBOARD_SLUG>

    For example:

    $ wizzy insert temp-var var-application
    $ wizzy insert temp-var var-application cassandra-stats

_Note: TEMP-VARNUMBER starts from 1.